Young Arab Americans lined up at the Islamic Center in Dearborn to bid farewell to their friend Mohamad Osman, who passed away at 18, after a hard fought battle with cancer, on Wednesday, Dec.12. Let us talk about the future, our priorities and what we are facing in this countryRead More →

King Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi of Buganda and his entourage Known as Muwaawa before the 12th century, Buganda is located in the south-central region of Uganda. They are the largest single ethnic group in Uganda and it is believed that the people come from Abyssinia through the rift valley andRead More →

The continent of Africa and the leaders haven’t only been subdued by the developed world, but also being ruled by the developed world. African leaders and other politicians are busy for nothing, many times talking on irreverent issues, and avoiding the biological weapons threat the continent faces. After Aids, AfricaRead More →

Tony Blair and George Bush: Two biggest liars in the political history of Britain and America Conspiracy is a word used by the government or people guilty of committing a crime but feel threatened. The world is full of hypocrites, criminals, rapists, racists and their dirty works and schemes areRead More →