By 2050, few will be able to conceive scientists

До 2050 року мало хто зможе зачати дитини — вчені

Semen quality of men around the world plummeted for several decades, the researchers said.

In a recent issue of the Apocalypse has gained considerable popularity. Usually, we are talking about external (alien invasion, the fall of the asteroid, the increase in solar activity) and internal (global warming, Third world war, epidemics deadly diseases) factors which can cause the death of mankind. If we talk about the second, and rarely considered the probability that people at some point may lose the ability to reproduce.

This theme has decided to reveal in detail the American scientists from the Medical school of the University of Washington. The results of their research were more than shocking. It turned out that in the near future humanity will face a reproductive Apocalypse with the fact that the quality of sperm in men is rapidly declining.

So, the experts studied the medical records of 43 thousand volunteers from all over the world, including North America, Europe, Oceania, South America, Asia and Africa. The main attention is thus focused not even on factors such as mobility and viability of sperm, and the key properties, the number of male germ cells in the semen. Samples were collected from study participants only after Masturbation to the maximum to control the process and avoid possible errors.

The results of the observations have been disappointing over the last 40 years, the number of spermatozoa in the semen of men around the world fell by 53%. If at the beginning of the 1970s years, there were on average 99 million per milliliter of biological material, by 2011, the concentration dropped to 47 million. Thus, every year the quality of sperm in men decreased by about 1%.

Currently, the indicators that are recorded by doctors, are still within acceptable norms, but the very fact that the sperm of the male is gradually losing its core quality is a matter of concern scientists. If prevailing trends persist, the scientists predicted that by 2050, few will be able to conceive a child, because the stronger sex is almost completely lost the ability to procreate. This in turn will lead to global extinction of mankind, believe the researchers.

Speaking about the reasons of this phenomenon, the American experts cited as the major negative factors sedentary lifestyle, the fascination with alcohol and drugs, the deterioration of the environment. The latter circumstance plays a major role in the reproductive approach of the Apocalypse. The chemical environment in which modern man lives, over the past decade has changed dramatically. A significant influence on it has the technological progress, the increase in air emissions, as well as the massive human use of plastic as material for the manufacture of utensils.

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