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Know, comprehend, understand imply being aware of meanings. To know is to be aware of something as a fact or truth: He knows the basic facts of the subject. I know that he agrees with me. To comprehend is to know something thoroughly and to perceive its relationships to certain other ideas, facts, etc.

Fishermen and farmers want environmental issues addressed

With the government pushing the sustainable development goals (SDG) agenda forward, fishermen and farmers urged authorities to address the various ecological and environmental challenges they face during an event this week in Siem Reap. Speaking at the ‘Under the Sun, Under the Tree’ discussions during the recently concluded ‘Asean-China-UNDP Symposium …

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Could ammonia be the next key player in energy storage?

Renewables are beginning to dominate the energy generation sector, favoured for their low-to-zero carbon emissions and, therefore, the potential to meet climate targets. Though powerful and promising, the unreliable nature of such sources means the industry is increasingly seeking new methods of energy storage. Currently, lithium-ion batteries are the most …

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Trustee investment duties: the environmental, social and governance impact – Lexology

Trustee investment duties: the environmental, social and governance impactLexologyESG considerations are used by investors to evaluate corporate behaviour and determine companies' future financial performance. Environmental considerations include resource depletion, pollution and deforestation. Social considerations include working … Source link

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Kissing up to the boss can increase employees’ bad behavior in the workplace, study shows

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Kissing up to the boss at work may help boost employees’ careers but it also depletes the employees’ self-control resources, leaving them more susceptible to behaving badly in the workplace, a new study has found. “There’s a personal cost to ingratiating yourself with your boss,” said Anthony …

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Antony Davies, James R. Harrigan: Bright future in war on global poverty (Daily Mail Opinion) | Commentary

In the late 1700s, Thomas Malthus became convinced that the combination of a fact and a trend spelled doom for the human race. The fact: more than 95 percent of the world’s population lived in extreme poverty. The trend: the world’s population was growing exponentially. The conclusion was clear: The …

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A Global Energy Crisis: The Unsustainable Truth of Crypto Mining – Nasdaq

Nasdaq A Global Energy Crisis: The Unsustainable Truth of Crypto MiningNasdaqCarbon emissions are plaguing the world's atmosphere, fossil fuels are both fleeting and expensive, and renewable energies aren't picking up the necessary traction to slow the otherwise tremendous momentum veering toward worldwide resource depletion. Source link

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Hollywood isn’t on the side of the resistance

But that’s not what the movie’s about really. Instead, “Solo,” like most recent Hollywood tent-pole films, is nervous about revolution. Conservatives claim that Hollywood is hopelessly liberal, constantly pushing feminism and LGBTQ rights and other subversive agendas. But when it comes to portraying actual subversives, Hollywood isn’t enthusiastic. On the …

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