Have you noticed hikers hauling trash as they wander up the mountain? How about joggers carrying plastic bottles on their morning runs? If you haven’t yet spotted signs of the latest health craze, it’s just a matter of time. Welcome to plogging, the hot fitness trend in Sweden that isRead More →

Designers the world over are making a slow but steady shift towards sustainable fashion, but does the average consumer know what eco-friendly fashion really is? Sitanshi Talati-Parikh investigates. The sobering 2017 documentary RiverBlue follows international river conservationist Mark Angelo as he brings into focus how some of the world’s keyRead More →

Mother Jones illustration Looking for news you can trust?Subscribe to our free newsletters. “Sorry, it’s homeroom,” Jamie Margolin, a 16-year-old climate activist and high school sophomore, tells me when I call for an interview. “Let me get to a quieter spot.” Margolin, who lives in Seattle, is used to juggling homework, debateRead More →