The Earth has a way of healing itself—particularly if humans help to conserve and restore it.  “Natural climate solutions” could help the world reach the goals of the Paris climate agreement—which include keeping the world’s temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius. There are 20 conservation, restoration and land managementRead More →

Company name: Prasadam Industries (Karma Tips) Founder name(s): Vedobroto Roy & Chetana Prasad Location: Karnataka Headcount/Strength of the team: Under 20 Industry: Environment/health Investors & Amount raised: Self-funded Long before pollution took everybody’s breath away, two travellers found themselves choked up at the sight of what they thought was oneRead More →

AZoM Advantages of Coincident XPS-Raman in the Analysis of Mineral Oxides SpeciesAZoMRaman spectroscopy is also often used along with other analytical methods to provide information on chemical environment and molecular structure. However, coincident XPS and Raman spectroscopy has been impossible. Instead samples have had to be … Source linkRead More →