PENGUIN PARTICULARS: This week we start news chewing in a cold, cold place: Antarctica. Scientists announced there are millions more penguins in Antarctica than previously thought. They say an earlier study underestimated the penguin population by 3.6 million. I guess this is good news for the tuxedo industry. Read More →

News-Miner opinion: This week, the Fairbanks area is getting a visit from regional Environmental Protection Agency administrators in charge of air quality enforcement. It’s a valuable opportunity for all parties involved in crafting an air pollution solution. For the EPA personnel, it’s an opportunity to get a firsthand look at localRead More →

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SOUTHERN Downs Regional Council could be using one particular of the region’s most significant rural market operators to courtroom. The council declared its strategies to look for lawful suggestions about issues relating to sound and dust air pollution at Allora’s GrainX facility. Councillors reviewed a report on the air pollutionRead More →