At Sip & Dry Bar in the District’s Ivy City, it’s possible to get your hair done and have a cocktail. (Nathaniel Koch/for The Washington Post) By Nathaniel Koch By Nathaniel Koch March 30 at 6:00 AM At the heart of the new development in Ivy City is a uniqueRead More →

Like many Islanders, I am concerned with our ground source of water. It is such an essential commodity whether you are a family, a farm or a business.  Understandably, many think it is a human right to have access to pure drinking water. We are all concerned that commercial enterprisesRead More →

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Summary: Company representatives claimed that around 20,000 flies and mosquitoes could be killed, using just 50 meters of string, costing Rs450. Company representatives claimed the string was already being used in different countries, and had given extraordinary results. Representatives of the company that made the product said the flies stickRead More →

Myriam Taylor, founder of Muxima Lisbon, Portugal — Meaning ‘heart’ in Kimbundu, an Angolan language, Muxima is a line of products for textured hair. Made with love and using a combination of the world’s finest bio ingredients for textured hair – uniquely formulated together in high quantities – Muxima nourishesRead More →

When we think of the environment or of various forms of industrial pollution, our focus instantly shifts to large-scale manufacturers and thermal power stations. The world of fashion rarely comes to mind. But it’s a fact that the fashion industry is the second largest industrial polluter in the world, afterRead More →