TULSA — A Cascia Hall student is gaining international attention after creating a water purification system he says will change environmental cleanup. It started in Colorado during a backpacking trip with his family. Braden Milford noticed the creeks running orange and red. “It’s visually stunning so I started doing research whyRead More →

Bear Cubs

Posted: Aug. 29, 2018 12:01 am Editor: A quote from Mr. Harry Dunleavy’s recent opinion piece: “these beautiful animals (bears) are on the verge of extinction.” That statement is patently false and so erroneous as to be ludicrous. It is clear that Mr. Dunleavy has responded to political pressures onRead More →

Dirty Water

News 6 wants to make sure Floridians are educated on the condition of the state’s waterways, which is why they’ve dedicated a full day of coverage and an entire page of ClickOrlando.com to stories that focus heavily on the issues plaguing our waterways. Find everything you need to know below.Read More →