Published 02 September 2017    Crossing a bridgeless river en route to Sukamade. A would-be rock star was playing a guitar and singing a Javanese folk song, a man was vending canned drinks, a woman was waving a bunch of fresh grapes and a young boy was trying to convince meRead More →

Check out the latest TV Picks including “Outrageous Acts of Science,” “Earth’s Natural Wonders,” “Suits” and more. “Vixen” Premiere of series based on the DC Comics character with the ability to mimic the abilities of any animal that’s ever lived on Earth, frequently crossing paths with Green Arrow, the Flash,Read More →

On Labor Day weekend, 2016, the 30th annual Burning Man Festival rose in the spacious Black Rock Desert, east of Gerlach, Nevada. My granddaughter was there among the 70,000 expected to attend the artsy, antsy, action where human intrusion is normally rare and summer sandstorms are common. Like a giantRead More →

Screenshot HighTide Technologies recently put together an infographic that shows 15 different natural wonders that are must-see destinations before they disappear. A new infographic called one Utah location a “natural beauty” that needs to be seen before it disappears. HighTide Technologies recently put together an infographic that shows 15 naturalRead More →

Our readers share tales of their ramblings around the world. Who: Gwen Stokols (the author) of Alexandria, Va., and her nephew, Evan Kopf of Closter, N.J. Where, when, why: Before beginning a full-time job, my nephew elected to teach English in Colombia for a year and I decided to visitRead More →