Scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, used a brewers yeast to produce THC and CBD molecules from cannabis. The UC Berkeley researchers, led by synthetic biologist Jay Keasling, developed a genetically modified yeast from Saccharomyces cerevisiae to produce Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) molecules. The research was published inRead More →

By ISMAIL MUSA LADU Kampala. Civil society organisations believe the winners of the new Genetic Engineering Regulatory Act 2018 are foreign companies that have heavily invested in research and development.According to the executive director of Food Right Alliance (FRA), Ms Agnes Kirabo, with dwindling funding of agricultural research and farmers,Read More →

By Rosemary Mirondo Dar es Salaam — An air of resignation characterised reactions yesterday to the government’s surprise ban on all genetically modified organism (GMO) trials in the country. Members of the research community were in shock that the government did not only ban ongoing trials on GM seeds butRead More →

Over the past 10 years, we’ve covered many topics related to biotechnology and other issues related to agriculture and food. As we begin our next 10 years, what do you want to know? Is there a particular person or company that you’d like us to interview? Cutting edge science orRead More →

Non-GMO Project addresses supply chain risks caused by new techniques like CRISPR and RNAi The potato has been added to the High-Risk list of the Non-GMO Project Standard because a GMO potato variety is now “widely commercially available” in the United States. To determine when a crop needs to beRead More →

Ghana to begin consumption of GMO foods from 2020 The GMO foods to be consumed include Bacillus thuringiensi (Bt) cowpea and Nitrogen Use Efficient, Water Use Efficient Salt Tolerant (Newest) rice. According to Dr Ameyaw, the GMO foods were being produced with the intention of enhancing agricultural production and alsoRead More →

Scientists from Europe’s top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, have signed a paper calling on the EU to revise their GMO policy in the wake of the recent gene-editing regulations from the European Court of Justice. The position paper argues the ECJ’s decision, which effectively prohibits gene-editing due to theRead More →

Genetic Literacy Project Argentina approves first drought-resistant, herbicide-tolerant GMO soybeanGenetic Literacy ProjectThe Argentine government approved the first soy that is tolerant to drought and that also combines better weed control by having herbicide tolerance. The crop was developed by a national company (Bioceres) and presents clear commercial possibilities in … SourceRead More →