Community Fighting Back Against Illegal Dumping

Officials are fighting back against those who illegally dump their trash in the county of Pueblo, Colorado.

One county commissioner said over a year ago the problem came to their attention and he said it’s grown out of control with trash and litter everywhere.

A Trash Task Force has been started to combat it. They’ve even set up cameras on utility poles that catch someone dumping their trash in the act so it’s easier to prosecute trash dumpers in court.

“There have been numerous instances where illegal dumping is happening on private residences and commercial property we have seen general plastic and vehicles you name it including some hazardous waste materials that post as a hazard to the environment,” Pueblo County Commissioner District 2 Garrison Ortiz said.

Another part of the Trash Task Force will have crews out patrolling areas where trash is often dumped hoping to catch people in the act.

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