Democracies not doing enough good


Too many humans (which leads to species extinctions and resource depletion): Iran had what may be the most successful birth control policies in history, while here in the United States, we continue to ignore this issue of vast importance.

Life expectancy: Cubans live longer than Americans. A better health care system is given as the reason.

Rain forests: World Resources Institute says only 15 percent remain intact. A crisis that primarily democracies have allowed to happen.

Foreigners: Through starvation (Germany) or the usual bombing of a country (Japan, Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.), we’ve been cruel to countries we’ve been at war with. England was frequently cruel to the people of India, and France has been cruel, too. 

This is only a partial list. Including all issues (like animal rights), it looks much worse. The fears of a dictatorship under Donald Trump are legit, but let’s just say democracies are far from perfect.

Colin Yunick


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