Is This The Worst Job in the World? Maybe, Maybe Not

No amount of money would be high enough to get me to do this job. Now that I think about it, it made me appreciate not only my current job but my prior jobs that I hated in the past. What makes someone want to do this job? It’s simple, somebody has to do it. Do you have to go to college for this job position? Ewww! what was he doing underneath all that waste? Even though he has the respirator, I’m sure he still holds his breath when going under all that waste.

I have a whole bunch of questions:

How are you able to eat lunch after coming out of the waste tank?

Does that county job pay well? If yes, is it more than 60k per year? I might consider doing that job for 60k. Let me think about for a minute? Nope, nada, no way Jose. That was quick, I considered the idea for 2 seconds.

How does the child explain what his father does for a living to his classmates for show and tell or National Take Your Child to Work Day?

Has the mask ever come off?

Do you go into other waste tank’s everyday for 8 hours a day? I’m sure there must be more that one tank.

Do you like doing this job for a living? Why?

Worst Job

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