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Regarding James Day’s article about Asher Miller and Post Carbon Institute (PCI), I appreciated the profile of a great leader, a person of integrity, and a good friend. But the institute is about so much more than climate change. Their news aggregation site, Resilience.org, was originally called EnergyBulletin.net and focused greatly on resource depletion, especially Peak Oil. Resilience and PCI continue to focus on energy issues, as well as waste sink saturation, local food production, water security, local currencies, disaster preparation, the Transition movement, holistic management, permaculture, and so much more. Asher tried to bring these to the forefront with his comments, but Day, like almost all journalists, had tunnel-vision on climate change, which immediately alienates nearly every potential conservative and libertarian ally in dealing with these other important issues and predicaments.

A better headline would have been, “Are We Ready For Post-Carbon?” The answer is a resounding “no,” but Asher and the institute are leading the movement to change that.

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