New Man-Made Disease After Ebola May Be Blamed On Chewing Stick

New Man-Made Disease After Ebola May Be Blamed On Chewing Stick

There is a syndrome or disease called ‘fear,’ controlling the mind of African leaders, which has been a key factor attributing to the lack of growth in Africa and at the same time, enabling Western European countries, such as Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Britain and the United States America, to commit heinous crime on the continent of Africa with impunity.

Western Europe and the United States of America are aware of that African leaders have that syndrome, that fear which changes the behavior of people to accept every maltreatment, killings, subversion, racism, and domination, as the will of God. Thus, Africa, like a scared bullying child, atrocities committed by the developed world and man-made diseases never come to end.

At school, bullying victims continue being bullied until they hit back when they can’t stand it any longer. It is from that day the bullying victim strikes back that the bullying stops. Africa doesn’t hit back, they give everything to ‘Allah or God, the reason it’s the only continent which has suffered than any continent in the world.

That is the reason slavery, colonial brutality, Apartheid, Aids and Ebola were possible in Africa but not Russia, North Korea, Japan, or Canada because if America or any European country hits any of the aforementioned countries, they will hit back. Britain and the United States of America are not interested in countries or a continent which will hit back.

They look for vulnerable, weak, and easy penetration continent to find people to use as guinea pigs, to test drugs manufactured in their countries, test biological weapons in the country to see how effective they are and to spread diseases whereby easy money is made from the misery of the victims. That right place they found is called Africa.

And at the moment, they are successful with all their plans, testing the Ebola virus in Africa and using the victims to search for the right medicine. (that’s what they say) yet, Americans that contracted the disease during the outbreak in West Africa, in 2014, were cured.

Who doesn’t like a place that is easy to penetrate with docile and obedient leaders who are not difficult to bargain with, and accept every man-made calamity which takes place in Africa as the will of God? This is why the white man’s trash, nuclear and electronic waste finds its way in Africa as a dumping ground.

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That’s the reason whatever which is impossible in Belgium, Germany, France, America etc, is always possible in Africa because our leaders are docile, obedient, and defeated by fear. And until African leaders will unite to show the developed world that Africans are human beings with the same flesh and blood, Africa will suffer another biological weapon after Aids, Nodding disease, Lassa fever, Burkitt’s lymphoma, and Ebola.

Since all the Western European and American leaders have recognized diploma in ‘lies,’ they will find a name for the next biological weapon to reduce Africa’s population and blame it on ‘chewing stick,’ because they have already blamed our foods, such as bushmeat, blamed bats, monkeys, and even sex, as well as homosexuals, (even though research has revealed that homosexuals are not responsible for the spread of Aids, as the World Health Organization and the CDC lied from the beginning) therefore, there is nothing any longer left to shift the blame to than a chewing stick.

European and American leaders investigate immediately every strange disease which occurs in their countries. They do that to find out the source of the disease and how to subdue it. The reason they are healthy and free from diseases but not African leaders, who are only interested in fighting over power, NPP will win, NDC will lose, and that’s all but not the fight over the best government to protect Africans against the act of being used as guinea pigs, for drug trials and the test of biological weapons.

African leaders are called ‘obedient masters’ by the developed world because when they speak their mouths remain shut. The incompetence attitudes have encouraged all sorts of crimes against the common African. Africa is the saddest continent in the world not because of slavery, colonial brutality, Apartheid, Aids, Ebola etc, but because of the kind of leaders who rule on the continent.

On a practical level, African leaders should have adequate knowledge of how to protect Africans but they don’t know. It’s good that every country in this world must have a leader, the reason African countries have leaders. Therefore, thank you, African leaders.

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