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Please Help Rebuild the Family Farm.

Ojai California


Such a tragic for the people who lost their homes to the fires. A good friend of mine Kass and his family lost their home in Ojai. These are the pictures he sent to me. Not only did he lose his home but some thieves took all of his work tools while he was rescuing his family to safety. He has a gofundme page and Please help my friends family if you can. Any amount would gladly be appreciated.

Truck caught on fire

Here is his story…

In 2009, an unfortunate case of arson began one of the largest fires Santa Barbara has seen and ravaged through our aunt and uncles family home and claimed everything in its tracks. Last night, again our other aunt and uncles farm became a living hell for the family of 6 children. Mama Heather held close to young Jolene, Geronimo, Shane and Ryan while her older boys did what they could to prepare for the 60MPH 100 foot flames gaining ground on their home. Meanwhile, our hardworking uncle Kass raced to beat the flames to get to his stuck family. He was successful in saving his family just moments before the flames unforgivingly took his self sustained farm including their livestock and family dogs.

Personal Belongings

We are grateful our family is safe and alive, but are torn realizing they have lost everything to their name including their hidden cash. With 2 adults and 4 of the kids under the age of 18, while 1 is serving in the U.S. Military, hotel life is looking bleak considering the large amount of evacuees. Our family is known to have the hardest working men in town after they banned together and begun building not only their home but their neighbors homes the day after the fires in 2009. Less then a decade later they’re faced with an even bigger challenge then before just weeks before Christmas. They never ask for much and give the shirt off their backs, but this time we need some help. With all appreciation and full saddened hearts were asking for our family and friend to come together again and ask for some help. Whether it’s a full gas tank to go back and forth from hotel to property, or some extra cash to help with the holidays we are grateful for anything. We are a simple family who promises to get together once a year to kick back, tell stories, and watch the kids play and remind each other how lucky we were the first time and now how lucky we are yet again. Thank you everyone and happy holidays. God Bless.

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