Putin Shows Concern While Africa Is Quiet

The Threat Of Biological Weapons:  Putin Shows Concern While Africa Is Quiet

The continent of Africa and the leaders haven’t only been subdued by the developed world, but also being ruled by the developed world. African leaders and other politicians are busy for nothing, many times talking on irreverent issues, and avoiding the biological weapons threat the continent faces.

After Aids, Africa is struck by Ebola biological weapon by the US government without a word from any African leader but not the Vladimir Putin, the Russian leader, who sees the US government’s clandestine biological weapons project a threat to humanity and world security.

The Russian Ministry of Defense suspected the United States of work on biological weapons in defiance of international obligations. This conclusion was made by the Defense Ministry after analyzing the documents on the US military-biological program and the work of the American laboratory in Georgia.

These data were previously announced by the former Minister of State Security of Georgia, Igor Giorgadze. In the list of priority American research in the laboratory in Georgia are potential agents of biological weapons, said the head of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection of the Armed Forces of Russia Igor Kirillov, citing documents.

According to him, pathogens of atypical forms of the plague, as well as tularemia, anthrax, brucellosis, dengue fever, and other diseases, are of particular interest to the United States.

In the laboratory of Lugar in Georgia, where two floors are reserved for the US military, there are areas for working with patients infected with pathogens of dangerous infections, said Kirillov.

He revealed that the laboratory has been working in Georgia since 2011, its construction cost the Pentagon more than $ 160 million. At the same time, Georgian specialists are restricted in moving around the center, do not have access to documents, and do not have data on developments developed by the United States, added Kirillov.

He noted that American military biologists working in the laboratory have diplomatic immunity. “Diplomatic protection allows representatives of the US armed forces to solve tasks and carry out the orders of their government, bypassing Georgian legislation,” Kirillov said.

Materials from a laboratory in Georgia make it possible to take a fresh look at the biological situation in southern Russia, in particular, the spread of African swine fever virus, Kirillov said. He also said that two years ago, the US military tried to collect samples of Russian biomaterials – residents of the North Caucasus.

In addition, Kirillov said that in the laboratory of Lugar they conducted tests on drugs in humans, of which 73 people became victims: 24 people died in December 2015, another 49 later.

In September, the former Georgian minister Giorgadze said that in the laboratory, which operates near Tbilisi under the auspices of the United States, highly dangerous bacteria and viruses can be produced.

The Georgian authorities replied that the laboratory was operating in a transparent manner and that Russian specialists could visit it.

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If African leaders really want the continent to be a successful place, free of man-made diseases and biological weapons they must imitate Vladimir Putin.

People that bully others know their weak points, fear and timid. That’s the situation of Africa; therefore, African leaders mustn’t expect Aids and Ebola to be the last biological weapons in the continent. More will follow because of their stupidity and the lack of knowledge.

Until Africa becomes a successful continent with a steady economy, African leaders must stop the test and spread of diseases in the continent. If they are scared to do that then they must continue fetching water with the invincible bucket full of holes.

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