Saltillo residents may see increase in water rate after switch

SALTILLO, Miss. (WTVA) – Residents of Saltillo may see an increase in their water bill after a switch from well water to river water.

According to Mississippi Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley, the average bill could increase from $21.51 to $39.91 for those outside one mile from the city line.

For residential customers, a normal rate of $10.43 would increase to $15.00 for those within city limits and $12.00 to $19.00, for customers more than one mile from city limits.

Presley says this rate increase is necessary so that residents can have clear water again.

“The change going on in Saltillo from groundwater to surface water there are some expenses related to that and we’ll be checking through this case to make sure that what is being asked for is appropriate and is what the public should pay,” he said.

Most residents had mixed feelings about the rate increase.

“If we have clear water – a little bit of increase will not matter. I imagine people may fuss. If you have clear water, that means everything. You don‘t want to take a bath when it looks like tea in your bathtub,” said Nancy Panell.

“I don‘t think we should have to pay for the increased water rate. We are already paying enough as is for dirty water that we do have,” said Leigh-Ann Hill.

According to Presley, there will be a city hall meeting for residents to voice their opinions on November 8 at 6 p.m. at the Saltillo Community Center.

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